All accounts in our current eStore expire March 31. Update your account now to make sure you’ll have access to our new shopping experience this April, including:

  • More products
  • Special coupon codes
  • Greater data privacy
  • More secure checkout

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Sign in below to automatically cancel any current subscription you have set up. (You’ll get a cancellation email, but don’t worry—that's part of the plan.)
  2. You will be directed to our new eStore. If possible, your cart will be preloaded with a currently available subscription. (Note that some previous options have been retired.) Otherwise, just browse for the program or products you like.
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Questions? Please contact Accu-Chek customer care at https://www.accu-chek.com/contact-accu-chek-customer-care.

If your subscription is not updated by March 31, 2020, you will not continue to receive subscription shipments, so sign in and set up your new account now!